24 Things

There are things that are true to us that we just don’t want to talk about. Watch 24 people not talk about a truth that is Poignant to them and consider the truths that you too decide not to talk about. Collaborators: Ashley Bowen. Tamar Cimenian.Bess Welden. KJ Sanchez. Morgan Barnes Whitehead. Emily Novack. Makaila Heath. Kristen Osborn. Marissa Angel Barker. Kelsey Jaffer. Tabreya Ryan. Josiah Thomas Turner. Renae Jarret. Kirk Lynn. Avery Munns. Zachariah Ezer. Trinity Gordon. Zoey Crow. Kanya Edmonds. Andrea Hart. Jess Be. Gerald Aviles. Bethany Okezie. Lorne Carter.

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